Welcome to Lab Data Processing v0.1

This site is still being built, but a number of Tools are up and running and even the documentation is more or less available. The first processing application that is up and running is the flank data reduction application, which you will find under ‘Microprobe’ and then ‘Flank Method’.

A very early peak into the microprobe data processing application is found under ‘Microprobe’ and then ‘Data Processing’.

The application of how to reduce B-isotope data is up and running, and the documentation almost finished. You find this in the ‘Mass Spectrometry’ section.

A peak into the powder standards application is available via the ‘Tools’ section.

Two full courses are available, one on Data Science, and one on Cosmochemistry, the documentation will be added in due time. These are obviously accessible through the ‘Courses’ section.

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